About Us


‘Better Advice and Service’  is a statement that unites everyone in our business behind a common purpose. It is a commitment to our customers that we will work harder for them, constantly striving to provide the best advice and service in the market.

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service matters

  • Approachable – We treat every client with integrity, respect and warmth.
  • Ambitious – We are ambitious for our client and for our company.
  • Effective – We do what we say we will, we do it well and we are accountable.
  • Integrity –  We treat every property as our own ensuring our team keep the right attitude to property management.
  • Practical – We will always approach each situation in a practical way, providing the landlord and Tenant an equal balance is resolving  property related issues.
Quality and bespoke service provided by a team of seasoned professionals

Our Vision

OCS Letting balances its traditional sense to service with its modern and cutting-edge approach. In 2018 the partners established their 5-year plan to 2023. The vision that forms part of this plan states that:

  • We will strengthen our position as a major and distinctive firm, providing a full range of integrated property services to both corporate and private clients.
  • We will deliver these services by providing outstanding client advice against a culture of constant innovation.
  • We will strive to ensure that each and every client has a personal service, for which we can be proud.